• Working with Zahava created a soft openness and delicious awareness of my inner strength, balance and beauty.- Isabella, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach
  • I can happily say working with Zahava was one of the most profound spiritual journeys I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing in my life.- Diana Ferrante, Women’s Empowerment Leader, Intuitive Advisor
  • Zahava's work has returned me to the natural state of being my most loving and most beloved self. - Emily Tepper, Receptivity Coach & Craniosacral Therapist
  • This was exactly what I needed to rebalance myself. I was able to release the week’s stress and gain confidence in being the clear minded and moving bodied me that I want to be. - An overworking teacher
  • Zahava gave me the nurturing excavation tools to my inner realms that have been yearning to moan, be touched, to be remembered, honored, revered, and celebrated.- Jennifer Maeve
  • This work not only supported me grounding in my own feminine experience, but it translated into my work as a coach--allowing a new depth of connection with my clients and their own sacred and sexual journeys.- Dana, Certified Life Coach
  • Thank you for holding and creating such beautiful space for my own feminine to unfold and reveal herself to me through my body.- Elizabeth Joy Mueller, Business Coach & Intuitive Guide


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(Video by Louie Tremblay at RadotageMedia.com)

EMBODY more LOVE provides social change makers with embodiment practices, emotional skills, and sexual empowerment. Imagine what it feels like to lead with more love, joy, and innovation in your personal and change making relationships! Our community includes teachers, healers, performing artists, founders of value based ventures, and sexuality pioneers.  Join us in committing to heal our ancestral lineage and move forward with agency, compassion, and self-expression of our deepest passion for life.  We are radically inclusive and welcome all races and genders.  We are kink and queer friendly.  Welcome to your tribe.


P.S. I have a special gift for you! Listen here to Relax & Ground in 10 minutes.